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Appropriation Limited 12” Vinyl


Digital version:

Track listing:
1. Our Autonomy
2. This is Not a Dialogue
3. Nothing for Ourselves feat. Sage Bond
4. Speaking as a Counter-Revolutionary
5. The Spectacle
6. Violator
7. Going in Circles
8. Until We Break feat. Sage Bond
9. Pouring on the Salt
10. Fire to the Cages
11. Calm Before the Storm feat. Sage Bond
12. Complication No. 364
13. Towards Peabody’s Demise

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Appropriation is a performance art intervention against cultural genocide.

Released July 27, 2021

Songs & artwork by Klee Benally.
Featuring Sage Bond.
Vinyl mastered by Alex Begay.

We agitate towards collective disruption of the dehumanizing forces attacking Indigenous existence. We seek creative and direct ways to stimulate aggression against the spectacle of settler colonial order. We manifest to negate colonial existence, to destroy what destroys us.

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Weight 1.3 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 1 in